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The Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights

15 Jul 2017 21:53

One of the guiding principles of the 7th pillar is The Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights.

The goal of the declaration is to hack The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to extend the definition of human beings to include the technologies that they extend themselves with. This is a core constitutional element we need to address if we are to understand the definition of personhood and effectively protect the rights of human beings in the networked digital age.

The document is a work in progress and has its own web site that is open to comments. It has already been altered based on initial feedback.

An earlier draft was included as an appendix in the proposal for the tech pillar. I heard later that several of the Validating Council members raised concerns once the voting was over that it might be seen as prescriptive (“we must be cyborgs”) rather than how it is intended, as descriptive (“when we use modern technology, we are in essence cyborgs”). This is a valid concern and we must make sure in drafting our policies that we also protect the right to freedom from technology (especially given, for example, the rise of workplaces enforcing technologies like fitness trackers on employees as a prerequisite for health insurance and a head-first rush towards implementing cashless societies in some European cities/countries.)

I’d appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the declaration.

Based on initial comments, Articles 4 and 5 in the draft that was in the appendix of the 7th pillar proposal have already been removed from the main document to be included in a separate helper document.

Please feel free to leave comments here on this post or, even better, directly on the site. If you do comment here, please do so knowing that I might copy your comments onto the canonical site if I feel that they are more generally useful. If you do not want this, please make a note while submitting your comment here on the forum.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.