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Regulate And Replace

23 Jul 2017 16:21

Conceptually, our tech policy in the Internet of People pillar can be summarised by the pithy phrase “regulate and replace”. These are the two categories our tech policies will fall into.

In the proposal for the tech pillar, this was stated as follows:

“We will deliver a position paper and audacious social and industrial policies to regulate the abuses of the current mainstream in the short and medium terms while working to constitutionally alter the topology of mainstream technology and restore the potential of the Internet to enable citizens to exist, communicate, and participate in modern life without being spied upon, manipulated, or commodified in the long term.”


  • Combat institutional corruption (the influence of corporate finance in public policymaking) – lobbying, revolving doors, etc. – so that we can regulate effectively.
  • Regulate abuses of people farmers.
  • Protect the right to strong encryption and end-to-end encryption.
  • Protect the right to have zero-knowledge systems.
  • Protect the right to technology without backdoors.
  • Protect the right to free and open source technology.
  • Protect the right to freedom from technology (freedom from having use of technology imposed on people, e.g., fitness trackers in workplaces).


  • Support stop-gaps that are not based on the business model of people farming and do not benefit or benefit from the general socio-economic system of Surveillance Capitalism.
  • Fund and incentivise the creation of decentralised, interoperable, free and open, zero-knowledge infrastructure and alternatives.