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Internet of People: next steps

12 Sep 2017 12:09

Hey folks,

I wanted to write this earlier but then conference season hit. Let’s have a quick chat about the next steps for the Internet of People.

Renata and I spoke a little while back and we’re on the same page that the best step forward to developing the Internet of People policies is to do so independently – within a new not-for-profit dedicated to the purpose (the Indienet Institute; see below). The process will, of course, continue to have input from DiEM25 and be implemented by DiEM25 as the 7th pillar of the Progressive Agenda for Europe. Beyond that, it will also have input from (and the legitimacy of) a panel of respected experts in the field and be open to input and adoption by any progressive political movement should they choose to get involved (e.g., Greens, Pirates, etc.)

The next steps, as we see them:

    1. Ind.ie will set up the Indienet Institute as a not-for-profit in Ireland. The process for this will begin this month. The raison d’être of the Indienet Institute is to encourage the transition to an Internet of People. Drafting of the tech policies is one of the core aspects of realising this mission. (Ind.ie itself will transition to the Indienet Institute iteratively as we don’t have the resources to move everything over overnight (see Evolution). Once the transition is complete, Ind.ie will be shut down and we will continue our work as the Indienet Institute.)

    2. The Indienet Institute will be working with progressive partners across disciplines (technology, politics, etc.) with DiEM25 being the first (if this needs a separate validating council vote, please go ahead with it.)

    3. Ind.ie now mirrors the content that we currently have on the DiEM25 forum on the Ind.ie forum. We should decide whether the posts should be mirrored back and kept up to date on the DiEM25 forum or whether they should forward to the Ind.ie forum and the DiEM25 forum used solely to discuss how the policies should be implemented internally at DiEM25 and as part of the 7th pillar, etc.

    4. We will form an advisory panel of experts from the field of ethical technology to help us continue (and legitimise) the process of drafting the policies.

    5. We will extend invitations to members/representatives of other progressive movements and parties (e.g., Greens, Pirates, Podemos… other suggestions welcome) so they can have a voice/input in the process also.

    6. Renata will continue to co-lead the project with me and act as DiEM25’s ambassador for the initiative. She’ll be the main interface between the independent effort and DiEM25’s adoption/implementation of the tech policies.

I’ll also be emailing the contents of this post to members of the CC (Yanis, Srećko, Renata, Judith, etc.) so they know it exists, but everyone please reply openly on the DiEM25 forum so that we can have this conversation (and hopefully others in the future) openly and transparently.

Thoughts and comments welcome. Here’s to taking the next steps down this path together with an even stronger structure that will ensure that the policies we draft have the greatest legitimacy, benefit as wide a spectrum of our allies as possible, and have the best chance of helping democratise the world.

Lots of love from sunny and wonderful Malaga.
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Re: Internet of People: next steps

13 Sep 2017 07:05

Hi Aral,

This is great. I would recommend to do the mirroring back at least for a period of time. Otherwise it just turns into an additional fragmentation of the platforms of communication. Perhaps, the messages that are mirrored back can be modified to have a disclaimer in the beginning or at the end that says "please continue this conversation on Ind.ie forum".

Could you also make clear how the d25.community mastodon differs in use and intentions from the ind.ie forum?

Thanks for still being around :)


Edit: one more point. It would be wise to have clear pathway for transition from the current platforms to these new ones. That is without forgetting of the less tech savy members.
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Re: Internet of People: next steps

13 Sep 2017 08:03

Not forgetting the less tech savy members is a very good idea. Thank you :D
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Re: Internet of People: next steps

15 Sep 2017 11:22

How could one get involved, which specific topics do you want to address like privacy, AI, cryptocurrencies?
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Re: Internet of People: next steps

15 Sep 2017 16:57

Dear Aral,

The CC will discuss this new development in its next teleconference.

Off the cuff, there is a concern about maintaining our internal democracy in this setting. DiEM25's policy must reflect its members' wishes. Given the complexity of the topic and the many policy decisions to be taken in this regard, it is not enough to have a yes/no vote on adopting a paper proposed by an outside expert committee. We will probably use your paper as one of the inputs, along with collecting inputs from each DSC or member group that wants to make proposals, and go through the same iterative collective editing process as for all whitepapers.

Best wishes,