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Request for Clarification

07 Nov 2017 19:54

The contents in this part of the forum are very misleading (especially the intro to the 'next steps' topic) and require clarification and cleanup. The majority of topics create/maintain the impression that an external entity, apparently led by @aral, moderator of the forum and author of most topics (among them ones titled "Constitution", "Philosophy" etc.) has taken over this effort, and only a closer look reveals that that's not actually the case. Yet that external entity is quite prominently linked here, has partially copied contents from this forum, and every page on that external site is asking for donations. There's certainly no ill intent, but it doesn't look good, and is confusing and misleading.

- What's the status of this"7th pillar"?
- Where should interested parties get involved, post or send proposals and ideas?

The number of views suggest that this is a topic of quite some interest. It would help to clean this up, it certainly looks sufficiently disorganized to put people off.

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Re: Request for Clarification

15 Nov 2017 11:06

I do agree with Johann. It's very confusing that the moderator of the topic proposes a kind of "outsourcing" of the discussion to an external entity that he apparently owns and that promotes his services for a fee. I am not sure that this is compatible with DIEM25 principles.