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New York Chapter - United States

18 Jun 2017 12:54


Hopefully a chapter of diem25 exists in New York ! If it's not the case, there is a call for supporting Diem25 from New York. What are the advantages of holding a chapter of Diem25 ? Allow me outlining some of them :
First, New York City hosts the permanent mission of the European Union to the United Nations in which EU representatives have an influence in the promotion of the future Europe we want.
Second, New York City hosts some of the greatest universities in which researches undertaking analysis about Europe are working
Third, New York City hosts a large community of European citizens
Fourth, Diem25 provides the first transanational political program. Through a democratic participation, we can participate to the definition of the future of Europe we want

This is a call for opening a chapter of Diem25 in New York if there is nome. Lets get organized !

I am looking forward to hearing from you
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Re: New York Chapter - United States

19 Jun 2017 18:26

Hi Kian,

I'm in Spokane, WA and would like to participate in a local DiEM25 group also.

At this point there don't seem to be many people outside of Europe participating.

Perhaps we could broaden the group to an online North & South America group.
Then as many more people arrive - local groups could form.

Thanks for considering this.

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Re: New York Chapter - United States

02 Sep 2017 04:36

Hi Kian,
I would be interested in forming a local group in New York and to meet others for discussion.
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Re: New York Chapter - United States

11 Nov 2017 01:56

Hello Kian and others,

Sorry to come in late -- I just came across these posts.

I'd be interested in participating in an NYC group -- though I'm not in the city, I'm within fairly reach of NYC.

Do we have any sense of a group emerging (even if small)? There are plenty of potentially interested constituencies in the NYC area/region, but probably the question is publicity and awareness -- who is going to be aware of the Diem25 initiative and how they would connect to this discussion thread. But perhaps if we have an initial group to kick off discussion, we could begin thinking about some outreach and communication strategies?

Thanks for taking the initiative!

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Re: New York Chapter - United States

19 Nov 2017 22:56

Welcome Jimbo and thanks for your reply.

Looks like progress toward a NY group is slow, unfortunately.