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Hello to Berlin

15 Apr 2016 14:29

Dear Aktivists,

we are planning an evening event in a berlin bar to cultivate freedom of speech in public places combined with good music:-)
On our "table for political ideas" we'd also like to inform about the diem25 movement with leaflets, stickers etc. (Does anyone knows, where we could get them?)

It would be great if anybody will join the event and use the 3 min. open mic to talk about his critics and ideas about the future and why she/he ist participating at diem25.

Place and time:
Rosenthaler Str.39
Berlin Mitte
11th of May 2016
23 Uhr

Kind regards

Re: Hello From BERLIN

16 Apr 2016 17:24

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Re: Hello From BERLIN

17 Apr 2016 10:31

I would love to receive an invitation to the slack group (https://diem25berlin.slack.com/).
Many thanks in advance!

Warm regards
Miguel Teixeira
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Re: Hello From BERLIN

17 Apr 2016 16:37

Hi Berlin,

I would also like to receive an invitation to the Slack group :)

I also hope to be attending the meeting at the Eschschloraque in the Rosenthaler Str.

Thank you!

Best regards,
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Re: Hello From BERLIN

18 Apr 2016 14:48


I am a German student in London and active in the DiEM London branch (and will most probably move to Berlin in October).
We thought it might be nice to exchange experiences and get into contact!

We had two meetings so far, mainly focusing on how to get organised in the most efficient way.
Our current state of affairs:
- There is one 'central' DiEM London meeting/organisation, rather than many small ones, with about 20 active members
- There will be meetings at a regular basis (once a week or every two weeks I guess)
- There is an 'official' email address: londiem25@gmx.com administered by Jon Baird who took charge of the main organisational issues
- So far, we communicate via email and the forum
- After the recent meeting we have decided to use Google Drive and Google Hangouts as a means of exchanging documents and information (emails get to confusing after a while)
- As one of the first steps, we have to decided to reach out to other big DiEM groups to get and share experience, therefore our Portugese members will reach out to DiEM Portugal, the Greek members to DiEM in Greece and the Germans to DiEM collectives in Germany etc.
- Our current and immediate focus is on the British referendum
- We are planning a small Brexit debate on 14th May (in an auditorium for about 80 people)
- About 10 members of DiEM Paris will come to London and meet us on April 23rd
- We have established both a Twitter and a Facebook account @LonDiem25 and https://www.facebook.com/Diem25-in-Lond ... 4/?fref=ts
- We are now trying to create a website (and would be grateful for possible help here)

What is the state of affairs in Berlin?
Could you also add me to the slack group? D.Nonhoff@gmail.com




Ich bin ein Deutscher Student in London und aktiv bei DiEM London (und werde wahrscheinlich im Oktober nach Berlin ziehen).
Wir dachten es wäre gut, ein paar Erfahrungen auszutauschen und Kontakt herzustellen!

Wir hatten bisher zwei meetings, in denen es hauptsächlich darum ging, wie wir uns am besten und effizientesten Organisieren können.
Unser derzeitiger Stand der Dinge:
- Es gibt eine 'zentrale' DiEM London Gruppe mit ungefähr 20 aktiven Mitgliedern, anstatt mehrerer kleiner
- Wir werden regelmäßige meetings im 1 oder 2 Wochen Rhythmus abhalten
- Es gibt eine 'offizielle' Emailadresse: londiem25@gmx.de, die von Jon Baird verwaltet wird, der freundlicherweise die hauptsächliche Organisation hier übernommen hat
- Bisher lief unsere Kommunikation über das Forum und die Emailadresse
- In unserem letzten meeting haben wir beschlossen, von nun an Google Drive und Google Hangouts als Kommunikationsmittel zu benutzten (Emails werden zu unübersichtlich)
- Als ein erster Schritt haben wir uns entschlossen Kontakt mit anderen DiEM Gruppen aufzunehmen. Unsere Portugiesischen Mitglieder etablieren Kontakt nach Portugal, die Griechen nach Griechenland und die Deutschen nach Deutschland etc.
- Unser derzeitiger Fokus liegt auf dem Britischen Referendum
- Wir planen eine kleine Brexit Debatte in einem Auditorium für ca 80 Zuschauer am 14. Mai
- Ungefähr 10 Vertreter von DiEM Paris werden uns am 23. April besuchen
- Wir haben einen Twitter und Facebook Account gegründet: @LonDiem25 and https://www.facebook.com/Diem25-in-Lond ... 4/?fref=ts
- Wir versuchen jetzt eine Website zu erstellen (und wären über etwaige Tipps sehr dankbar!)

Was ist der Stand in Berlin?
Könntet ihr mich auch zu der Slack Gruppe hinzufügen? D.Nonhoff@gmail.com

Liebe Grüße,
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Re: Hello From BERLIN

19 Apr 2016 11:04

Could you add me to slack: i.do@arcor.de
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Re: Hello From BERLIN

19 Apr 2016 12:44

Hi guys,
I was wondering if the meeting tomorrow night in Neukölln will take place? I would like to come. I saw that there was a rapid decision for a Volksbühne meeting, so it might be cancelled? Some more distal planning would be really awesome, if I may suggest that. It makes planning difficult for some people and might come across like this is becoming a closed group here.
I was just Scrolling through all the Posts, but I am really losing the overview.
Would someone be so kind to make a post about all current/upcoming activities? That would be so super cool.
Also, what's this slack thing? Like a different forum, but easier to administrate?

For someone deciding to join the local group activities, it is getting kind of hard to know what's going on...
Therefore, I am all in for an Email- Verteiler :) it might have some disadvantages, but I think it keeps you posted about everything in a much easier way... and it "restricts" this forum to posts about all meetings and suggestions for meetings, which makes it easier for everyone to join in the activities. But maybe this is the very idea using the slack?
Also, everyone could just post here to be included to the Email-Verteiler.
Just my two Cents...

So long, regards!
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Re: Hello From BERLIN

19 Apr 2016 13:40

Hello everybody,

who of you is interested in traveling to the next DiEM25 assembly in Wien? I want to travel there and it would be useful to have companions from Berlin. Maybe we can socialize and tie new connections to the Austrian DiEM25 DSC. Of course, we will meet many more groups of our new organization there and we will build up new relationships.

best regards


Hallo an alle,

wer von euch ist interessiert zum nächsten DiEM25 Event in Wien zu reisen? Ich will dorthin reisen und es würde nützlich sein, Begleiter aus Berlin zu haben. Vielleicht können wir Kontakte und neue Verbindungen zu den österreichischen DiEM25 DSC's knüpfen. Natürlich werden wir noch viele weitere Gruppen unserer neuen Organisation dort treffen und wir werden neue Beziehungen aufbauen.

Beste Grüße

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Re: Hello From BERLIN

19 Apr 2016 17:07

Hello everyone,

just wanted to say that I am new on the forum but I would really enjoy joining one of the future meetups. My German is pretty decent so I could also attend the German events.
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Re: Hello From BERLIN

20 Apr 2016 08:22

Dear All,

You are all very welcome to join the next meeting in Friedrichshain:

Time: Sunday, 24 April 2016, 17:00 h
Location: Tee Tiwer, Karl-Marx-Allee 103, 10243 Berlin.

Among other themes we will discuss plans for future activities, including (hopefully) the promotion of the transparency petition at MyFest.
New ideas are always welcome. Looking forward to meeting you there! :)