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For reacting in a regular manner to transparency issues, how to gather and activate, for long terms the critical masses?

31 Jul 2016 15:32

The following proposed structure of a union allows integration of different groups and can be used, as an example, such that, one if its project assists to build buyers groups in helping the european people in their real economic issues and another project in the same liquid union is of communal media. Here are the setting rules of liquid union, from http://namzezam.wikidot.com/blog:38#lu

The purpose of the union is to be authentic in serving specific population by use of its resources, services and/or products. In its articles of incorporation, the union undertakes satisfying specific needs of the population, each need in different project, operated and funded separately by more than one supplying channel where
The population is additional entity to its members and its board, as the population is set in groups of members, including at least one group for individuals ,
The budget of each project is distributed between its channels proportionally to the population tested periodically in the groups voting,
● Channel or project is either in active or inactive state:
●● active - only when it is satisfactory for at least one group of the population, or
●● inactive - while being without budget, but ready for funding in order to be operational, if and when is voted for getting budget by groups who are not satisfied from active projects or channels.